Friday, September 25, 2009


Its been 3 Years???

Well lets see... its been 3 years since i posted on this web page, not alot "new" to report cept a few things oh lets see, Geoffrey is now in School Full-time in Kindergarten, after going to Pre-school for about 2 1/2 years. Jennifer Mother and Aunt are both in Elderly care centers. Beatriz is a Waverly care center. Her Aunt "Tia" is at The Legacy Estates out by Holmes lake while her house sits empty and abandoned. They have Conservators for their finances and they bills for their care. Although the conservators charge a arm and a leg every year. They have to go the courts to get paid and we are sent a "bill" of their charges every year. Jennifer mother, has been to the hospital 2 times in the last month for being "non-responsive" or simply not waking up when they nudge her. I don't think i would wale up very easily if i was drugged up as much as she is out there in Waverly. there have been times that we go out there to visit and she will fall asleep in the chair and nearly fall out of it in the hall way where all the Nurse and other employees can see and no one will do anything till they hit the floor.

Alexandra has been deemed her POA for her medical care, just simply because she is in that filed in college and working at Bryan LGH east and taking classes. Not that she has time to check on her grandmother cause she says she is so busy with work and school she hasn't even showed up at the house here to see Geoffrey in about 2 years.

As for Myself I've been trying to keep busy working from home fixing things and building computers and laptop from parts i buy locally and online . With this recession I'm trying really hard to keep bills under control. I'm even starting another part time job here soon to help with the bills more . Geoffrey gets SSI every month of around 700.00 i bring in on a average in computer sale of around 300-400 dollars and its getting harder each month. Jennifer on the other hand does nothing but help with Geoffrey getting up for school , a little house work.. and keeping me up to date about appointments for therapy for Geoffrey and school activities he has. Geoffrey can count to 29 so far this year since starting school and knows his ABC's plus is riding a bike with training wheels. i take alot of videos of him and my self on youtube at

As far as Ham radio goes well its just there i really haven't been able to do as much as i want to with it cause every time i get a good rig i end up having to sell it to catch up on extra bills like car repair, insurance, tags... or over due bills like a 300 dollars electric bill and a 900 dollar gas bill.


Sunday, April 16, 2006


Funeral For DAD Ronald H Schrader

Well looks like mother nature told dad its time to go. Dad died about 630 pm Sunday April 9 th 2006. He had been fighting off Parkinsons Diseasy for nearly 12 years... with limited success thanks to his so-called "Doctors". After being taken off his feeding tube about 1 weekago for about 2 days he seemed to have imporved a litttle but that was short lived.

at the funeral there was a pretty good turn out.... above is a picture of everyone who came out to pay their final respects.

Monday, April 03, 2006


Storm Spotter Trainig for 2006

Well, this past Saturday was the annual severe weather symposium held this year at SouthWest highschool here in lincoln nebraska. It started at 9 am and i arrived at about 930am, the earliest i ever arrived to one. As soon as i got there i set up my digital camera and fired up the my dell c600 laptop and it was no more than 20 mintues i had a swarm of people even from other stations / tables saying "how did you get online" . I told them my wifi card was set for it as i also have WIFI at home ... so they had to peak at my gateway address and as far as i know i think they may have gotten online using the LPS internet connection. It came in handy after i didnt have a radio in the building to track the weather baloon that was launched about 1045am. I was actually surprised that it was listed on . the baloon made it to about 92,000 feet and landed in south west iowa about 400 miles away.

I amoung others, were taking pictures of the baloon before and after but i think im the only one who shot video of its launch HAHAHA.

Thursday, January 26, 2006


are you sure this isnt friday the 13th

after a long night of ham radio and computer work, i was tired and falling asleep on the couch upstairs and then BOOM i thought it was thunder that woke me up. Jennifer also head the BOOM but it turns out that our neighbor had a seizure while he was backing out of the kabredlos parking lot and slammed in to the foundation of the house smashing out 4-5 foundation bricks. 2 fire trucks, 2 police cars and 1 ambulance came to to look it over. The driver was taken to Vets hospital for treatment and evaluation.

All i can say now is... its gonna be harder for me to go to sleep downstairs for a while

Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Geoofrey is 2!!!!!

Finaly November 22nd is here,

Geoffrey is Now 2 years old. But, becuase his birthday is on a tuesday we decided to celebrate his birthday on sunday the 26th.

The other day, i was at scotts house to fix a broken sway bar link on the mazda becuase jacks brother Earl never called me back to fix it. Anyway after about 3 hours of fighting with the bottom screw that was rusted and chewed up we ended having to use a grinder to get it off. then after allwas said and done, I was pulling out of scotts garage and in reverse i swiped the front bumper of his 2001 mazda 626. At first he said that we didnt have to report it, then the next day he took it over to Tracys Body Shop and they said it would be about 500 to repair it, buff it and repaint the bumper, scott still hasnt decided if he wants to get the insurance companies involved, but it wont come out of our pockets because on our 250 dollar deductable is for repairs on our car. Our car has had scratches on the rear bumper since we got it and we dont need to pay 250 dollars for a new rear bumper. here is a picture of the damage cause by this weeks RUB

Friday, November 18, 2005


Winter is on the way...

We had our 1st snow fall the morning on November 17, 2005 although it was only about 1.5 inches nonetheless still a reminder winter is on the way and knocking at our door with its foot out. This means checking your car / truck for readieness, during which i found a broken sway bar link on the rear drivers side and i found that those locally cost 45 dollars each so i got 2 and plan to replace them both with the help of jacks brother Earl.

I also purchased a etherlink 3c543d card for the macintosh laptop which was my fault it was the wrong card for the mac i needed, 3c589d and so i bought the correct one november 18 for $13.30 ( shipping and handling included ).

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


And life goes on

Well, it only took Nine days but I finally got my first QSL card from off the planet... from the International Space Station (ISS). Posted here is a picture of the back of it. YEA!!!!!! I decided to put my kenwood tr-7800 in the dash of the car tonight, and bring the ADI AR-147+ inside and hook it up as my base station. That way, i could use the PL tone feature to work other ham radio satellites such as SO-50 and AO-27 which require the PL tone(s)

Adrianna finally turned 18 and decided to move out of our House, and move in with her grandmother... AGAIN and her older sister, i wonder how long this is going to last. Ill be Surprised if it last over 2 months. WOW, was her room a mess even after taking 80 percent of her belongings, I spent almost 6 hours cleaning up the place and packing up the rest of her items. I guess we have a guest room now.

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